Terms & Conditions / FAQ

Want a

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will only be made if all ski runs are closed

How do I get a refund?

Return gear before 10.00am on the same day for refund

Why do you need to know my weight and height?

This information is critical in order for us to accurately set up the release point of the ski bindings according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.


Who is responsible for the gear?

You are responsible for all the gear you have hired

How do I protect my gear?

Never leave gear unattended. But you can  mix yours with other skiers in your group

Can I pick up my rentals the day before?

Yes – Pick-up your equipment after 4 pm the day before your first rental day and avoid the morning rush.

Can I reserve a specific type of ski or snowboard?

We’ll do our best to meet your equipment requirements

Do you offer ski clothing and accessories?

Yes we do. If you are completely new to the sport you may want to consider renting a ski jacket and pants to keep you warm and dry. We also advise you rent a Helmet for safety.

Suitable Socks

Bring suitable socks with you that you will ski in.

What identification must I bring when I pick up my rentals?

You must bring photo ID, and pay for gear at the time of hire


What should I not do with the gear?

Do not ski or board on anything other than snow – this is wilful damage


How can I be safe on the mountain?

You must follow all mountain signage, and stay on marked trails

Look after your skin while on the snow

Don’t forget to wear sunblock


Can I return any equipment to Turangi Ski?

Make sure you return only gear hired from Turangi Ski

Still need help?

For any other questions, please email us at turangiski10@gmail.com or call us on 07 387 8658